The Situation

The Situation:

Emotion is a key element with B2B buyers and represents over 50% of decision making.

The Need:

Connect with buyers more powerfully through emotional messages which can create enhanced interest, pre-purchase favoritism, and greater purchase likelihood.

The Opportunity:

Analyze buyer verbatim comments to determine the key emotional influencers.

The Method:

DecisionScan verbatim analysis employs proprietary algorithms to uncover key emotional “trigger” words and phrases for go-to-market efforts.


DecisionScan analysis provides outbound language to connect more effectively with each of the three buyer types found on B2B buying teams (Advocates, Challengers and Collaborators). This provides customized overlay persona messaging. See Go-to-Market Action Plan and “The Emotional Persona” next page(s).

See Go-to-Market Assets and “The Emotional Persona” next pages

Go-to-Market Assets


See Next Page Example: “The Emotional Persona”in Action

“The Emotional Persona” in Action (1 of three personas)