Sample Reviews of Why People Don’t Buy Things

Our book has generated critical acclaim from the business, academic and media communities alike. The publisher refers to it as an “evergreen” book because the theories are timeless. Here’s a sampling.

“Wallace & Washburn are the specialists in e-commerce, breaking prospects into three buying profiles which you can always tell based on what they say, word-wise.” – The Dartnell Corporation

“Selling in the Internet Age requires solid, extensive research … a matter of life or death. Wallace & Washburn helps you know your customers better than they know themselves.” – Harvard Management Update

“It’s radical! It’s digital! Cutting edge for connecting with customers.” – Fast Company’s REPORT FROM THE FUTURE

“Understanding the five decisions people make in your favor before they will buy what you are selling is the key to unlocking why they do apparently illogical or unforeseen things when they are in a store, purchasing goods by mail, over the internet, or face to face in a business setting.” – Boston Globe’s

“Why People Don’t Buy Things is lively, lucid, smart and always on target. I’m impressed.” – Ted Levitt, Harvard Business School

“W&W present the science of sales and introduce a new way to sell.” – IBM’s “Beyond Computing” Magazine

“A powerful guide to success. Every sales professional in America should read their book.” – Volney Taylor, Chairman & CEO, The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

“Why People Don’t Buy Things is great stuff!” – Brian Tracy, author, The Psychology of Selling.

“Kim Wallace and Harry Washburn reveal a revolutionary new approach to selling.” – ADWEEK MAGAZINES

“For those who sell, their book is a must read.”- Editor, Stern’s Management Review

“The rules of selling that served generations of Willy Lomans are being written. The practice of sales techniques need to be re-thought.” – MetroWest Daily News

“An outstanding resource. Answers the question we all ask when a sale isn’t closed – why not? – Dick Johnson, President, Amway Japan Limited

“Why People Don’t Buy Things picks up where “positioning” leaves off. Washburn and Wallace take the mystery out of the selling process and offer an innovative method for converting skeptical consumers into loyal customers. Required reading for all serious marketers and advertisers. – John C. Ferries, former President-International, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles

“Refreshingly, the authors neither reinvent the wheel nor claim to have invented it to begin with. But they do more than rehash sales fashions of old. Over the last twenty-three years their marketing-research firm has tested more than 5,000 sales pitches for some of the country’s biggest companies. With quick explanations of why people didn’t buy bicycle locks, golf lessons, shower massagers, and many other products and services, they stimulate new thinking about why people may not be buying yours.” – American Airline’s AMERICAN WAY

“A riveting new approach to selling which evolved from Harvard University. Their presentation is informative, involving and entertaining. Even our seasoned pros were fascinated by the case histories and quick quizzes. This approach will be around for the long haul because it uses proven methods developed over the years.” – Savings Bank Life Insurance

“Their presentation generated the largest attendance in the program’s history. Insightful and substantive with ideas extensively research and documented in a variety of industries. Members appreciated their thorough understanding of the subject matter, as well as their enthusiastic approach.” – Boston Chamber Of Commerce

“Why People Don’t Buy Things explains how to recognize three personality profiles and why each one buys or doesn’t buy for different reasons. Manages to be both informative and entertaining.” – Soundview Executive Book Summaries

“W&W have developed three dominant buying profiles (Commanders, Thinkers and Visualizers) and tested it with thousands of research interviews over 10 years. Gives you a strong indicator of what specific types of sales arguments will be most persuasive.” – Marriott’s Executive Memo

“W&W ratchet up the science of selling to a totally new level. It’s a sure fire way to improve your bottom line.” – William G. Morton, President, the Boston Stock Exchange

“It’s a convincing approach… with useful sales tools.” – Training Magazine

“Set an attendance record for the club. It had a profound impact on all in attendance and will change the way many businesses approach their sales function.” – Small Business Associations of New England

“Offers a different twist, focusing on the buyer, not the seller. Helps you understand why people don’t buy and shows you how to sell to them the way they want to buy.” – Hartford Business Journal

“Harry and his business partner, Kim Wallace, have just written a book, Why People Don’t Buy Things. Check out the quotes of praise on the book jacket! Get out to your local bookstore and get a copy.” – Harvard Business School BULLETIN

“Wonderful presentation! High marks … impressive!” – Newspaper Association of America

“Great ideas. Wonderful big picture of customer types.” – Gannett Newspaper Division

“You’re great! Your book has been added to our library.” – Peter McClure, Chair Marketing Department, University of Massachusetts, Boston.”