DecisionMODE™ Quiz

Welcome to the Decision Mode Quiz. Answer 10 quick questions and discover how your primary decision-making mode compares with the population and over 75 famous celebrities, scientists, athletes and business leaders. There are no right or wrong answers, just your candid opinions. It’s fun.

1.  If you were at a party among people you didn’t know well, what would you do initially?

Listen to what’s being said.
Rely on your "gut feeling" about the people and what's happening.
Observe things to see what’s going on.

2.  If someone invited you (socially) to be a “friend” on Facebook, which of the following would probably influence your decision most?

They were great-looking.
They had interesting, thought-provoking things to say.
They seemed very popular and shared many friends.

3.  If you had 30 minutes of radio listening time, what format would you prefer?

News radio, classical music, or jazz.
Sports radio or a live sports event.
Popular music (hits, oldies, hip hop, classic rock, or softrock).

4.  If you were evaluating vacation destinations, what would influence you the most?

Written reviews from travel experts and comments “speak” favorably about it.
There are great photos and a video tour so you can picture what it’s like.
Popular travel publications rate it #1.

5. Imagine that you purchased a digital clock radio. What would you do first?

Look over the clock plus photos/illustrations and see if you can quickly set it up.
Read through the directions systematically to understand how to operate it.
Pick it up and start fiddling with it to get it going.

6.  If you were evaluating a product online, what would be most useful in visiting their website?

Everything was presented visually/graphically so you could quickly see what you need.
The website answered your questions in detail.
The site had great “hands on” navigation so you were in full control of finding what you need.

7.  If you were switching health plans, which of the following would be most useful to you?

Their brochure showed everything needed to make a quick, easy decision.
The brochure had a detailed analysis comparing competing plans (prepared by an independent expert).
The brochure promoted the plan’s popularity in your area.

8.  If you were purchasing a new car, which of the factors below would be most critical in your decision?

Based on your careful analysis, including Consumer Reports, it's the logical choice.
You just love the way the car feels, handles and accelerates.
The car looks like a “million bucks.” You can clearly picture yourself behind the wheel.

9.  Which of the following types of activities would you prefer most?

Seeing a good movie, watching TV, viewing YouTube video clips, or taking pictures.
Reading an interesting article or book (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
Actively engaged in physical activity (sports, working out, walking, jogging, biking, etc.)

10.  Imagine you were going to buy a new 3D High Definition TV. Which of the following would be most influential in your purchase decision?

The brand is the most popular 3D TV on the market.
You believe that the brand will provide the best long term performance.
The brand’s picture is incredibly sharp with clear, vivid colors.


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