People Buy with Emotion and Justify with Logic


“It feels right.”                                       “It makes logical sense.”

Wallace & Washburn’s EmotiveSCAN™ analysis helps companies understand the emotional buying triggers of their customers to increase buyer interest and purchase likelihood. What emotions are driving the actions of your customers?

B2C buyers buy for fun, fear, hope, health, taste, fashion,status, environmentalism – and many other emotions.

B2C Buyers


B2B buyers buy for career advancement, trust, risk aversion, reliability, technical sophistication, cost, famous founders, expert endorsements, staff buy-in, ROI – and many other emotions, but ROI isn’t a top 10 factor.

B2B Buyers


Trigger Words Significantly Increase Conversions (Guaranteed)



For details about Wallace & Washburn’s Trigger Word Sales & Marketing program, including a performance guarantee, contact Kim Wallace or call (781) 235-8882.
Visit us at and check out our critically acclaimed book, Why People Don’t Buy Things.



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