It’s time for marketers to get more emotional.

Marketers who leverage emotion can improve results across the spectrum of social and traditional media, including digital content, value propositions, branding and ultimately, sales. New research among thousands of B2B and B2C buyers reveals why.

1. Emotion Matters. Analysis of the three buyer types shows that only 31% of B2B buyers decide purely on logic, and it’s even less (19%) among consumers. Our critically acclaimed book, Why People Don’t Buy Things, details 41 case studies where emotion was key to success.

2. Overload & Time Famine. Tufts neuro scientists report that people’s brains are evolving to accelerate “data skimming,” especially online. Emotional “triggers”reduce “skimming” because they grab attention by employing emotionally-infused words your buyers use to express interest.

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