“Favorite Viral Marketing Spot of the Year”

How do you decide if social media offers an opportunity to sell your product, service, idea or image online? Just come up with a topic that attracts interest based on some universal theme (like a quick bad breath test), a product that works to correct the problem, a presentation that’s interesting and humorous and a marketing approach that appeals to Thinkers, Visualizers and Commanders.

Orabrush does it all. It’s our favorite spot of the year. I think you’ll agree. Take two minutes and learn how to harness the viral power of the internet. Check out Bad Breath Test at YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/curebadbreath?v=nFeb6YBftHE&feature=pyv&ad=6692806685&kw=orabrush This lively, amusing spot has attracted over 16 million web visitors and sold over a million Orabrushes. There’s a spot for adults (see link above) and even one for kids. They both use exactly the same copy. It’s on Facebook too. This amazing spot covers all the selling bases by.

Orabrush’s Winning Formula

  1. Grabbing attention
  2. Capitalizing on the existing fear of having bad breath or worse, being with others who have it
  3. Explaining where bad breath comes from
  4. Providing a quick “spooner” test to determine if you have it
  5. Delivering logical (Thinkers), emotional (Commanders) and visual (Visualizer) reasons to treat halitosis and halitophobia
  6. Making you want to share it because it’s so interesting
  7. Knocking or neutralizing the competition, including old fashioned tongue scrapers
  8. Announcing the best solution, Orabrush’s unique tongue scraper
  9. Offering your first brush FREE (providing you buy a bunch of others at the same time)
  10. Giving customers their 15 minutes of fame by uploading actual tongue scraping bad breath tests

This clip breathes new life into the classic word halitosis, or bad breath, a word listed in Wikipedia as a term to describe unpleasant exhaled odors. The word on Madison Avenue is that halitosis was actually created by a copywriter over 75 years ago (1935) working on the Listerine Mouthwash account. Bad breath scientists had nothing to do with it. At their agency’s recommendation, Listerine launched the brand based on the fear of halitosis: “You never know when you have halitosis (unpleasant breath). That’s the insidious thing about it. But others do, and judge you accordingly.”

This Orabrush spot works on all three key decision mode groups. It’s based first on the emotional fear of bad breath (Commander). It offers a quick and easy “spoon test” (Visualizer) so you can determine if you have bad breath. And it provides a logical comparison with traditional methods, knocking them down one by one (Thinker). It even offers the promotional hook of FREE. (You get the first one free if you buy the second, third, and fourth, etc. It sounds like a great free deal until you realize it’s just a promotional hook. You still have to buy something.)

The lesson learned is that you don’t need a big marketing budget to sell your product or service successfully online. Just find a compelling theme that attracts visits and leads prospects down the decision path.

The terrific Orabrush spot could be the basis of an exciting full semester college course. I love the spot, and even though I’m sure I don’t suffer from halitosis, I might even decide to buy a few, just in case. Test your decision mode scores by clicking the green button above or at http://wallacewashburn.com/quiz.html

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