“Tom Brady and Bill Belichick: Twins Separated at Birth?”

As a professional marketer and researcher for over 30 years, I’m pleased to share DecisionMODE with my business peers and the America public. The DecisionMODE approach can help you connect better with your customers, colleagues and friends, whether you’re “selling” products, services, ideas, or yourself.

DecisionMODE enables you to learn which type of decision maker you are. There are essentially three types of decision makers (Visualizer, Commander and Thinker). These three modalities are the foundation of our book, “Why People Don’t Buy Things,” now available in paperback and published in four languages. (I recommend taking our quick DecisionMODE quiz to better-understand what type of decision maker you are. It’s fun and interesting, especially when you see how your decision making style compares with famous people in business, entertainment, politics, science and sports.)

Even though my own decision making mode is Visualizer (140 index), as I relate to the world around me as a marketing and research professional, I often think how I would approach certain marketing, sales or advertising situations if I were more of a Thinker (84) . To help detect these three decision making styles in people, I’ve analyzed modality “trigger words” in media interviews among over 100 celebrities, including movie stars, politicians, entertainers, athletes and business leaders. A “trigger word” is a word used frequently by a certain modality group. For example, Thinkers use words like think, hear, sounds, logic and time. Commanders prefer action words like feel, power, take, hit, and charge, and Visualizers prefer words like see, show, picture, fast, and easy.

Take football for example. Who’d have guessed that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are so similar modality-wise that they look like twins, separated at birth?

Tom Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick are the most winning coach/quarterback duo in NFL history with over 123 wins. Their modality scores are virtually identical as shown in the charts below. It’s no surprise that Tom and Bill love both the planning/strategizing (Thinker) and on-field competition (Commander). Based on Tom’s scores, he’d be a natural if he ever runs for political office. He’s got strong Thinker and Commander scores, a potential winning combination. President John F. Kennedy had similarly high scores in these two key modalities among politicians. (See next blog for an analysis of presidential candidates versus Barrack Obama.)

“I think the way my father raised me, well, he trusted everybody. And that worked for him… (football) It’s a game, man. I have a hell of a lot of fun playing it. It’s very competitive and stimulating.”- Tom Brady, 2008 Esquire magazine

“We’re plugging away in the draft process. We’re making progress. We’ll take it as it comes. The competition committee is trying to eliminate that play (kickoff returns). I don’t like the idea of eliminating the kickoff from football. I think it’s one of the most exciting plays of the game.”- Bill Belichick, 2011 Patriots Replay

Belichick’s famous boring-gray Patriots hoodie probably reflects Bill’s below-average Visualizer score (62 Visualizer).

My ThoughtScan trigger-word-analysis of a media interview with Gisele Bundchen reveals that she too shares above-average “touchy feely” Commander scores (116). Both Tom and Gisele are very family-oriented, using many similar trigger words like “family,” “home,” “work,” “job,” and “heart.” For example, at Tom’s post game press conference on Christmas eve/afternoon (2011), he cut his press conference short, telling the press, “Last question. I’ve got to get home to the family.”

“Tom is a good guy. He has a very pure heart. He’s very naive, almost like a child. That is my favorite quality about him. One thing that I thought was so amazing when I first met him is that he is innocent. He sees the world with colored glasses. It’s beautiful, but I think that is rare. I love that about him. No one else sees that. He’s very strong and focused in his job, but he’s so sensitive, it’s amazing.”- Gisele Bundchen, 2009 Harper’s Bazaar interview.

Tom could have had his pick of beautiful ladies. So, why did he fall for Gisele? Tom’s below-average Visualizer score of 62 suggests to me that he may have been slightly less attracted by Gisele’s terrific looks than by her strong family values, down to earth persona and warm personality. The fact that she’s a #1 model would also appeal to his Commander mode. My (Brazilian) wife, Marister, tells me that Brazilians love Gisele for who she is. No pretensions.

Incidentally, the fact that Gisele’s Thinker score is below 100 doesn’t mean she’s not smart. She obviously knows how to make intelligent decisions. Just look at her net worth and Forbes’ prediction that she’ll be the world’s first billionaire model. It’s just that logical thinking is probably not her favorite way of relating to the world.

Thanks for checking out my first blog at DecisionMODE. Please sign up for the blogs and don’t forget to take the modality quiz. Coming next, look for a modality analysis of key presidential candidates versus President Obama. There are interesting findings.

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